Bungee Jumping in New Zealand

New Zealand is the birthplace of the bungy jump, so to go home without doing one would almost be an insult to the country and an insult to your gap year. On a brighter note, it’s extremely easy to find a good bungy jump. Because New Zealand is very pleased by the fact they gave the world this awesome adrenalin activity, there is pretty much a bungy jump around every corner. Whether its jumping into the ocean, jumping into a river, jumping in pairs, doing the highest jump or the smallest jump, New Zealand will accommodate your jumping needs.

Just to give you an idea of the bungy jumping possibilities in New Zealand, here’s a list of some epic bungy jumping locations.

It started with a couple of young kiwis, AJ Hackett and Henry van Asch in early eighties, setting up New Zealand's first bungy jumpting site at Kawarau Bridge near Queenstown. Since then, New Zealand has become the home of bungy. You can leap from bridges, climbs, rail viaducts, specially made platforms and edge of mountain cliffs.
Take a leap of faith on a bungy at the original Kawarau Bungy site, or New Zealand's highest at the top of the Nevis (both in Queenstown). Or for a completely different style of bungy, why not try the Auckland Harbour Bridge or Taupo Bungy on the Waikato River. As the home of bungy, New Zealand doesn’t disappoint!

Your Queenstown adventure touches new heights with the Nevis Highwire bungy jump — the third highest bungy jumping platform in the world. Definitely not for the faint hearted! Get your heart racing as you fly across a wide river valley on the Nevis Swing, the biggest swing in the world. Located outside of Queenstown, the swing starts from a platform high above the Nevis River and gives you a few moments of free fall before you swoop through the air in a massive, high-speed arc.

The Nevis bungy jump is an approximate 40-minute drive from Queenstown. Your half-day experience kicks off with a rugged 4WD ride along winding mountain roads before you get harnessed up and board the shuttle, which delivers you to the Bungy Pod. Experts conform to rigorous safety procedures also ensuring your comfort irrespecive of your size or ability. Once you're standing on the platform, try to come to grips with what you're about to do: free-falling 440 feet over the Nevis River valley in about eight and a half seconds! Once you’re off the ledge, bask in the glory of your adrenaline-defying accomplishment before return transport to Queenstown.

The jump platform, is located 525 feet (160 meters) above the Nevis River, hovering midair, suspended on cables that run between the cliffs. Your guide will secure you to the swing mechanism, which lifts you out from the launch deck. Admire the views while you are suspended above the canyon floor until suddenly your guide releases the swing. Drop into a 100-foot (30-meter) free fall, and then arc into a 985-foot (300-meter) swing over the river valley, reaching speeds up to 75 mph (120 kph). The swing's cable measures almost 400 feet long (120 meters), providing space for an enormous arc.

If you've heard of Bungy, you've heard of Kawarau - home to the original 43-metre Bungy Jump.
The world's first and most infamous of leaps is still going strong. This is one of the world's best-loved Bungy site. Kawarau Bridge Bungy is also the only Bungy in Queenstown where you can choose to bob above the water, touch it, or be fully immersed.

It is absoultey safe and physically there will be no harm to the jumper. Whether you are big strong boy or a little wee girl - you can do it with an equal ease and confidence. They've notched up over one millions jumps and their procedures conform to a rigorous code which are best in the world.

If you are not brave enough to take the jump, you can join the excitement as a spectator and watch your friends take the diver in air from Kawarau Bridge. The home of Bungy at the Kawarau Bungy Centre is 43m of pure adrenaline to help you get your heart pumping. Tandem bungy jumps, water touches, scenic views and guaranteed self accomplishment!

Opened in 1988, nestled into a rock face overlooking the stunning Kawarau River, the view alone will satisfy any crowd.

The Auckland Bridge has an important place in the history of Bungy - New Zealand’s most iconic adventure activity Ensure you that its not missing on your list of things to do in Auckland. Featuring stunning views of the Waitemata Harbour and an exclusive Bridge walk out to a specially constructed Bungy pod, this experience will thrill and surprise you. An ultimate thrill and an unforgettable New Zealand experience.

It includes an exclusive bridge walk up to the Bungy Pod and an adrenaline plunge 131 feet (40 meters) toward the water. Auckland bungy jumping is an opportunity not to be missed by any thrill-seeker that visits New Zealand’s largest city.

As part of your bungy experience, follow a guide on a bridge walk out to the specially constructed Bungy Pod, where you’ll suit up in safety equipment including a static line attached to the launch site. When you’re ready to take the plunge, you can choose from a number of options while airborne: topple over backward, forward, spin or somersault as you descend in just five seconds.

If you are an adventure enthusiast and would like to embrace your first ever brush with the high adrenaline activity, Passioante Discoveries highly recommends staying an additional day in Queenstown and try the Kawarau Bridge Experience or go for the Auckland Harbour Jump before you say good bye to the birthplace of Bungy jumping.
For the ones looking for a heart-beat experience, go for the Nevis Highwire Experience!

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