Finding a perfect gift for your loved ones is always a struggle. Whatever the occasion may be, buying a gift is always a task unless you know the likes and dislikes of your loved one. An easy way most can think of is giving cash which may not communicate the value of your emotions.

The only gift that excites everyone and best suits every occasion is a holiday. A holiday is always a reason to smile. Think of our Holiday Cards whenever you wish to surprise your loved ones.

  • Carry a holiday in your wallet now.
  • Available in multiple denominations.
  • Easy & Quick Redemption.
  • Book from a range of domestic & international holidays, hotels or air tickets.
  • Holiday Cards can be redeemed within the validity period for booking a holiday package, hotel or an air ticket.
  • Partially used Holiday Cards can’t be refunded.
  • Holiday Cards will be valid for a period of 01 year from the date of issuance.
  • Balance can be checked by calling on our helpline number.
  • Holiday Cards are fully transferrable, can be replaced if lost, stolen or damaged after a short verification process.
  • Easy blocking process in case of lost or stolen cards.
  • Detailed policies, terms & conditions are available on request.

Now next time you plan to gift someone, browse through a huge collection of holiday packages that you can bundle with love.

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We are passionate about holidays. Let us know what you think about your next vacation to design one for you.